Smart and Essential Options for the Instagram Likes

By artificially inflating the number of your followers, the result is obvious: low engagement rate, insignificant distribution by networks, your real subscribers will see your publications less and less. With buy social shares you can now expect the best promotion.

A lack of visibility on your real activity

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When your social accounts only have real fans, you can study the impact of each of your interventions very precisely using the dedicated tools. This allows you to refine your marketing strategy by comparing what is working and what is not, and drawing constructive conclusions from it. If you have rigged your accounts, you no longer have any visibility into your actions. Without real and reliable information, you have no way of working on your marketing strategy.

Risk of loss in the event of account closings

Social networks themselves hunt down fake followers and sometimes decide to close accounts en masse. Some time ago, Twitter carried out a major operation in this country. The social network massively closed accounts that were either completely inactive or completely fictitious. The result was spectacular because the first to use this subterfuge is the politicians and the show-biz and media personalities who want to make us believe that they are loved.

Among some animators or politicians, the tumble counts in the hundreds of thousands of fans who disappeared instantly. Ridicule does not kill but the people most affected have been particularly mocked and discredited.

Imagine the same goes for your brand. If your account loses half or more of its fans overnight, your real followers will understand the deception and your reputation will be greatly affected. Instagram sorts regularly and even considers sanctions. Imagine that your account is closed due to the purchase of false followers.

Unable to advertise effectively

If you decide to boost a post to advertise to your followers, you will have no way of sorting out your true and false fans. You will, therefore, pay for advertising sent to computers. Suffice to say that it is throwing money out the window. If you buy fake fans, you condemn yourself to stop advertising on your social networks by targeting your community. Think about it.

No return on investment

Let’s not lie either. There are two “good points” to buying fans on Facebook and other social networks:

  • You will increase your positioning in the search engine of the social network (since you will have “more fans”
  • You will strengthen for a time your social proof: the world attracts the world. If there are people following you, it is that you must be an interesting person or brand, right?
  • Except that people are less and less fooled so much this practice has spread and these “advantages” may make you a target when the social network decides to “clean up”.

In the end, you are going to spend money on followers who will never bring you anything unless you target these potential troubles. The budget you would have spent on buying fans will be much more useful for working on your marketing strategy.

You can consider offering the services of a community manager. It will really boost your social networks and increase the number of real fans. This will allow you to enter a virtuous circle: more followers, more engagement, and more publications from social networks in the threads of your fans and in the end: more sales. You can also spend this money on advertising which you can follow precisely the returns.