How to tree trim in the winter

The most important steps in fruit tree trimming

The pruning of apple seedlings begins when the plant is in deep winter dormancy, that is, from the end of November to the end of March. When doing this job, it is essential to choose the right type of pruning to apply, but also to pay attention to the kind of apple tree branch.

Robert, a fruit grower from Brestovik, pointed out to us some of the most critical steps you must take to make your winter apple pruning successful.

Winter pruning in 3 steps!

In larger plantings, the apple begins to prune from the period of deep winter dormancy to the beginning of vegetation, that is, from the end of November to the end of March . It should not be too early to start this business, because varieties such as pink lady, buckwheat and grapefruit have slightly longer vegetation and …

What are the possibilities of 3d printing?

How did 3d printing emerge?


3D printing is taking the world by storm. Even since their inception, 3d printers have continuously become more and more powerful. They started out printing small plastic blocks and have by now moved on to printing tools, decorations, prosthetics, even gun parts.


3D printer’s golden hands

We are on the threshold of an age where we will be able to print just about anything we want – from evening shoes to toys and tools, to firearms. How much is true in the announcement that 3D printers will bring us a new industrial revolution?

After the unexpectedly tumultuous development of computers, we are approaching the limit of digital technology development. There are no more new processors, each of which is at least three times faster than its predecessor. New video units are only moderately different from the previous generation, supercomputers and artificial intelligence have …