Fine Choices for the Ways Destiny 2 Should Be Played

Warlocks are the only ones who can heal other members of the squad, but if necessary, can change the treatment to deal additional damage in battle. This class can partially be called a “support”, but in the solo game, it is quite applicable. However, the greatest benefit of Warlock can only be squeezed out in a cooperative. In raids, Warlocks are simply irreplaceable. In Destiny 2, Warlock also received a new subclass Dawnblade. He replaced another fire class Sunsinger. The most interesting thing about the new subclass is its super-ability. It allows you to throw charges of solar energy at opponents, and with a certain leveling, you can do this right in flight, unleashing all your power on the head of helpless opponents. Go for the destiny 2 flawless carry there.

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Which class to choose in Destiny 2?

The question, of course, is expected, but in fact, it is not so fundamental. Each account has three character slots. That is one class for each slot. So just read the description of each class and choose the one that you liked the most.

Do not be afraid, in Bungie are not fools. They especially did everything in such a way that each class was interesting and adapted for the game. Destiny 2 has no unnecessary subclasses, let alone classes. Having created a character, do not be afraid to experiment with his abilities. Study each subclass to find something effective in each specific situation. Do not be afraid, there are no irreversible consequences: at any time, the subclass can be changed, as well as the active development branch in each of them.

Even objects can be transferred without any problems to another character. To do this, you need to put them in storage at the Farm or at the base at the end of the game, and then go in with another character, open the storage and pick up the item of interest. Of course, some exotic things are tied to a class, but this is rare.

How to open a subclass in Destiny 2?

At the beginning of the game, the character owns only one subclass. This was done specifically so that the beginner would not get confused and could calmly learn the basics of Destiny 2. But how do you get the rest of the subclasses? Where to go after them? Or just wait?

Partly true, the first and second. Subclasses are issued in the game gradually. Having developed most of the abilities of the first subclass, the character seems to accidentally find on the body of one of the opponents (or in a chest with things) a special relic that, when taken, will open an additional cell next to the current subclass. If you visit her, you can see a description of the task, the implementation of which will become a ticket to a new subclass.

Having received a relic of a subclass, you need to perform the test associated with it. As a rule, you need to kill enemies in a certain way. Usually, to pass you need to kill enemies in open events on any of the planets. After fulfilling the conditions of the subclass, you need to return to Earth, open the global map and select a new task return to the Shrapnel of the Wanderer. At the same time, a unique mission will be launched, during which the character will open a new subclass and will be able to put free ability points into it.