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Obamacare vs Trumpcare

Switching from health insurance can be beneficial, but what should you pay attention to when choosing your health insurance? We give you 7 tips about Obamacare vs Trumpcare also. You need to understand the difference.

  1. Save on your dental insurance

Do you have dental insurance? That does not mean that you are always cheaper. For example, if you only go to the dentist for the check-ups and you actually never have cavities, it may be advantageous not to take out dental insurance. You can easily calculate whether dental insurance is wise for you. Compare your health insurance policy for 2020.

  1. Save through a higher deductible

In 2019 the deductible amount is 385 dollars. This means that you have to pay the first 385 dollars in healthcare costs yourself. This amount can be increased with a voluntary deductible of up to 500 dollars. Here you get a discount on the health insurance premium in return that can amount to almost 300 dollars on an annual basis. See how much you can save with a higher deductible.

  1. Need little care? Take a look at limited contracting

Many health insurance companies nowadays offer a basic health insurance policy with limited contracting budget policy. Budget policies work the same as a policy in kind, but a contract has been concluded with fewer healthcare providers. At hospitals and healthcare providers without a contract, you pay part of the costs yourself. For emergency care, you can always go to the hospital of your choice. If your hospital has a contract with the health insurance company, then a budget policy is worth considering.

  1. Think carefully about what you really need

The basic insurance is mandatory and the same everywhere. You can choose the additional healthcare insurance yourself and there is a considerable difference per healthcare insurer. Consider carefully which care you really need. For example, have you often used physiotherapy? Or do you have a child’s wish for next year? Compare health insurance policies.

  1. Pay your premium per year

Almost everyone in the Netherlands pays the monthly premium for health insurance. But you can also pay per year. Those who pay per year often receive a discount of up to 2 percent from their health insurer.

  1. Get a discount on your health insurance

In many situations, it is possible to get a discount on your health insurance. You can take out insurance through a collective. This is often offered by employers, trade unions or municipalities. You also often receive a discount on your health insurance policy if you are a student or self-employed. If you switch via professionals you can also use a discount of up to 12%.

  1. Always compare the quote from your current health insurance policy

Always compare the quote from your current health insurance policy with other providers. It is possible that there is another insurer that offers practically the same package at a sharper rate. Include tip 5 in the comparison and you can often save on your health insurance. Comparing health insurance policies 2020 costs nothing and you can easily switch online or by telephone.

Bonus tip: Both choose a different health insurance policy

Couples or families often have a policy for the entire family. But not everyone in the family has the same care needs. For example, it may be that the mother may need a lot of physiotherapies and an extensive and expensive package has been arranged for all family members.