The essential need for the face mask and their types

A face mask is a cloth to cover the face. A face mask is needed material for the ongoing problem of the coronavirus. Face mask very essential to protect their health. In traveling time people breaths polluted air so face mask help to filer the virus and bacteria from the polluted air. Coronavirus is a kind of communicable diseases with the help of face mask we can protect by themself. The Government suggests wearing a face mask to protect from the coronavirus. There are different kinds of face masks is available in the market. Some of the masks are a surgical face mask, respirators also known as N95, FFP2, 3M FFP3 face mask with Valve with valve, cloth face covering. From that N95 is one of the most secure masks to protect from bacteria. The N95 mask is most secure to protect from pollution. N95 is not for regular usage it is only used in surgical situations. A surgical mask is specially made for doctors. In surgery time doctors wear a surgical mask. A surgical mask is essential for every doctor. Respirator mask includes the N95 and other FFP2/3 forms. The next one is a cloth face mask. A cloth face mask is a temporary mask to avoid pollution. People can use a variety of fabric to make a cloth face mask.

FFP3 face mask

3M FFP3 face mask with Valve

In the present world people concerned with their health. There are many differences between masks and respirators. Mask is loose-fitting covering to mouth and nose. A respirator is a tight-fitting mask created for special facilities. FFP3 mask is a respirator type of mask. This mask is very comfortable to use. In the present situation, the FFP3 type of mask is a very essential need. People get awareness to wear a face mask. In the FFP mask, different kinds are FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. Detail elaborate on the kinds of FFP mask. There is not that much difference between these masks. The quality and quantity are different.

FFP1 mask

FFP1 mask is the first branded mask to publish. This mask is very popular to use among people. In that time factories and hospitals, people use an FFP1 mask. According to research FFP1 mask is popularly used by people. Without a mask, we cannot work in factories. Because pollution is spread in every corner. Without a mask, we cannot travel to a metropolitan city. The face mask is much-needed material to survive the world. We now the effect of the coronavirus and also know the need for a mask.

FFP2 mask

FFP 2 mask is the second branded mask and this mask control 94% of bacteria and virus. The face mask is very essential from that FFP 2 mask protects more pollution from the area. So many doctors suggest wearing an FFP2 face mask to protect from the pollution.

FFP3 face mask

An FFP3 face mask is the last version of the face mask. This face mask protects from pollution. The protection rate is 99% this is the final rating. The FFP3 face mask is the first graded face mask to wear. This mask is much needed for high polluted areas. These are the different kinds of FFP face mask. This brand is mostly preferred for doctors to wear.