Swiss sea beaches: Where to track Swiss sand, sun, and shade

Life by the sea in Switzerland: The sandy coast of the sea in Switzerland with a tropical attraction you don’t have. Six Wants on Badi find and appreciate the Caribbean style of the Schweizer Sandstrände.


The time has finally come for us to give you a delicious little mystery: the landscape of the Swiss Sea is perfectly healthy – even without the sea!

Are there any beaches in Switzerland? In Switzerland, life is really at sea!

The coastal area is probably somewhat lost due to Swiss lakes. The endless views are lost because you can always see the opposite side of the Swiss lake, sometimes closer, sometimes quite far. In addition, the salt should preferably be in the egg before breakfast or in the salt shaker when setting the camping table. However: such a large amount needs to be explored on the sea coasts of Switzerland.

Is it expensive to visit Switzerland? Even these sandy sea beaches are allowed to visit

For this blog post, I travelled the country and saw how Switzerland contributes to the sandy seashore, I talked to coastal specialists, sand insiders, and scholars of the Helvetic Sea.

So here are my six favourite Swiss beaches. I am thinking of one important rule of choice for overheating in the late spring months: All these amazing ocean beaches have large trees, so you can’t be prevented from changing the fine sand from the sun back at any moment.

Traveling to and from Switzerland is probably an expensive affair. An exciting thing about trips by the sea is highlighted in this blog post: All these trips to the sandy coast of Switzerland can be visited. Let’s go to the Swiss beach!

Gäsi to Lake Walen, cool beauty Swiss seaside beaches: 

Often Swiss (and unknown) drivers know Lake Wallen only as a large body of water on one side of the motorway, while the Graubünden mountains rage from Zurich. A small descent to the highest point of Weesenmar, however, is advantageous here, as I see it, perhaps on the most beautiful sandy part of the sea of ​​German-speaking Switzerland. As for the reward factor, Lake Walen is usually in a high position: it is a relatively cold lake, although at summer levels the water temperature rarely rises to 20 degrees. The heat wave in the summer of 2018 seems to be pushing the water temperatures up, but in any case, when it reaches 23 degrees, Lake Wales will remain noticeably colder by a shade than Lake Zurich.

Gäsi Lake Walen beach: good to know

Directions: By car exit the Weesen motorway. Attractive travel options: By bike from Ziegelbrücke train station, this excursion will take you almost anywhere. 20 minutes. Just a short walk from the boat you can walk along a beautiful strip of sand surrounded by trees. Zurich’s answer to Guadeloupe. The most efficient way to get there: By boat or on foot about an hour from Horgen. Foundation: The waterfront itself is immaculate. Cooking and barbecue offices are available, and there is a country hotel for a short break up the slope.

The most efficient way to get there: By car or even by train: you can get to the waterfront from Yvonand train station in 15 to 20 minutes. Base: The camp has a café, a loud little seaside bar accessible on Plage.