How You Choose the Eric Arnoux immobilier

The construction of a house represents a large-scale project, which explains the need to find a trusted provider. A poor choice can have serious consequences, ranging from additional costs to the use of defective materials, which could compromise the safety of future occupants. With the Eric Arnoux immobilier this is important.

Eric Arnoux immobilier

The CCMI contract, guaranteed against unpleasant surprises

The contract for the construction of individual houses or CCMI was created in 1990. It regulates a possible rise in the prices of construction materials, and this, to avoid additional costs. Indeed, the contract defines the price and the delivery date, which must be respected. If the manufacturer is unable to honor these commitments, his insurer takes over and takes care of finalizing everything at the agreed price. Thus, the buyer has an interest in signing a CCMI to secure the construction.

The CCMI also guarantees the conformity of the new building. By this contract, it is the professional who is responsible for compliance with the RT 2012 thermal regulations. In the absence of CCMI, it is the private owner of the house who incurs a penalty in the event of non-compliance. He risks a fine of up to $ 45,000, and he must at the same time carry out the work necessary to bring his home up to standard. If the purchaser signs a CCMI, he is not exposed to this type of risk, since the manufacturer remains solely responsible for the work and compliance.

Competence and listening, essential qualities

When selecting the builder, it is also important to ensure that they have a reliable team. In general, providers offer a site visit. For the construction of a house, for example, it is useful to see the work of the company in the surroundings. It is an opportunity for the buyer to observe the way in which craftsmen from various trades work: masons, carpenters, plumbers, etc. you have to think about checking whether the subcontractors have worked with the company for a long time and whether they use quality materials.

Regarding relationships, the sales team should be able to offer a solution that meets the expectations of the buyer. It is easier to entrust your project to a builder who can listen to his client and adapt to his needs. Finally, price is another important criterion. Even if you have a budget to stick to, don’t be fooled by low prices. Better to study several quotes to find the best quality or price ratio.

Build your own house and underestimate the work

Building your house is not always a great story. Lulled by the dream of creating your own house, you can quickly ignore the efforts and concessions required by the project. Self-building requires a lot of energy and courage. You have to be good in your head with real strength of mind, will and solid shoulders. Building your house is a real business and requires to assess work, fatigue and time well.

The other solution is to delegate a bit and limit you to a few jobs. The owner will have to keep abreast of the development of the project via each architect’s site report. The architect is a conductor by whom everything goes to have centralized site management. For example, paying the company directly without going through the architect is exposing you to risk since the amount invoiced will not be covered by the architect’s insurance.