Why Sun must be avoided after hair transplant?

Hair loss has become of the major concern for every individual which hampers both the physical and mental health of the person. There are a plethora of hair loss treatments available to treat hair loss issues. Here in this article, we are going to discuss why it is necessary to avoid the sun after hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is considered as one of the excellent hair loss treatment which allows treating the hair loss issues of both genders permanently. Although hair transplant is a permanent solution for your baldness and thinning hair problems it is very important that you should follow the prescribed pre-operative as well as post-operative instructions attentively so that you can get expected and long-lasting results. One of the most important instructions which are given by the surgeon after the surgery is that you must avoid sun exposure for a few days. Here, we are going to mention the reasons why the surgeon recommends you avoid the sun after hair transplant surgery.


  • When the surgeon applies an incision through the skin then the skin becomes extra sensitive to ultraviolet rays.


  • The indigenous transplant is considered to be strong and immune towards the rays of suns but the fresh grafts are still in the maturity process and do not have the same immunity level.



It is recommended by the surgeon to protect your scalp from the sun for a few weeks as your scalp needs a good deal of time to heal and the hair follicles to survive and form their roots properly. Sun exposure is not only going to damage the skin but also going to harm the newly transplanted hair grafts. So, some surgeons allow their patients to wear the scarf or the hat after the 15 days of the surgery to cover your scalp properly. As the hat provides full coverage to the treated area during this phase. Moreover, you can use the sunscreen with SPF30 and other high-quality prescribed moisturizers to protect your scalp skin. Due to the extreme sun exposure right after the surgery, some patients perceptually complain of scalp hypersensitivity and entire hair transplant discoloration. So to solve such issues it is advisable to protect your skin for several weeks from sun exposure.

Negative effects of the sun on healthy hair:-

Human hair comprises keratin fibers with high melanin content. This keratin plays an important role in maintaining the 90% fiber hair volume. Moreover, keratin is made up of several amino acids with a complex bond system.

Due to sun exposure you are going to experience dryness, strength loss, texture changes, shine loss, color loss, and many other issues. There is the presence of various chemical barriers that help to protect your skin from the exposure of sun-like zinc oxide, benzophenone and the titanium dioxide which absorbs the UV rays and reduces the presence of the free radical in the hair.

Sunlight effects after the hair restoration surgery:-

There is an involvement of several skin layers in the hair transplantation procedure. While the superficial layer of the epidermis heals steadily as it consumes much longer for the deeper tissues to recover. The UV rays get to enter into the epidermis during the sunlight exposure and harm the underlying tissues and the newly grafted follicles. After the surgery, if you do not avoid sun exposure then you are going to experience the burning, inflammation, and itching on the treated area.