What You Need To Know Before Balloon Rides In Luxor

The main summer season runs from mid-March to the end of October. At this time, balloon flights are held twice a day at sunrise and sunset on any day of the week. During this period of the year, during the day, there is increased solar activity, which forms the appearance of powerful ascending and descending flows due to uneven heating of the earth, which makes flying on a ball uncontrollably. In the winter months, balloon flights are held throughout the daylight hours. With the balloon rides in luxor you can have the best deal.

Balloons before take-off

What time of day are hot air balloon flights? The morning balloon flights usually take place two hours before sunrise, the evening two hours before sunset, at which time the air flows are most stable. Time changes throughout the season, as does daylight hours. Usually, from May to August, we start at 5:30 in the morning and 7 in the evening. In winter, we usually fly at any time of the day.

When is the best time to fly a ball?

We are often asked when it is better to fly in a balloon in the morning or evening. Morning flights during the awakening of the Earth and the Sun or evening flights allow you to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Both of these are interesting. Each balloon flight is unique and is remembered by all its participants. The human body, from our experience, is easier to tolerate morning flights, it is difficult to wake up early, but still, the whole day is ahead, and most importantly, your morning begins with positive emotions.

balloon rides in luxor

What is the best time of the year to fly?

It’s hard to say if there is the best time of the year for a flight. There are no restrictions on the time of year for balloon rides. Each season is beautiful and interesting in its own way. Each flight is unique, regardless of when it passes whether in March, August or October. Those who flew in a balloon in the summer should definitely repeat it in the winter. This is a radically different, but incredibly strong feeling.

Is it possible to fly a balloon in winter?

Winter flights have their own charm. The air is very clean, and your eyes can see the snow-white landscape of a winter-clad nature. You just need to get warmer. It is best to wear thermal underwear.

Is it cold to fly in a balloon?

No, you feel exactly the same as on earth. The temperature in the ball does not change when rising to 1000 m. Expert recommend that you bring a hat with you, in which you will feel more comfortable from the pleasant and warming heat of the burner.

How to dress for a balloon flight?

For flying on a hot air balloon, it is best to dress in comfortable casual or sportswear. Clothing should be closer to that suitable for outdoor activities and for the season. It is selected so that you can spend about four to five hours on the street.

The expert strongly does not recommend flying shoes with high heels. When planting, it is not safe in the first place, both for legs and shoes. They recommend waterproof shoes for morning flights, as there may be dew on the launch pad. Headgear is desirable at any time of the year. In-flight, the wind is not felt, as the balloon moves with the air mass.