What does Juul contain?

In these past four years on the market, we are getting the new supplement of cigarette called Juul. It is a new kind of e-cigarette. It becomes very popular among all, and this collected many of the market shares within a few years. But juul australia  becomes more dangerous to the younger generations, and they become addict to it. In England’s newspaper called the Boston Globe to call it as the most spread phenomenon which no one had heard early.

In this article, we will see some primary things about Juul and how it works and what about the nicotine percentage in it.

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The work of Juul:

  • The oil contained in the cartridge helps to heat the device, and that creates the vapour. This will leads to dissolves into the air quickly and easily.
  • As we all know about this, the Juul is tiny in size, and that is very fit for the closed fist.
  • It is a technology inspired design, and that is very similar to the USB flash drive.

When it has initially developed, they said that Juul is only for the adults to handle and they are in many flavours such as,

  • Mint
  • Mango
  • Crème Brulee

These e-cigarettes are very less in the level of toxin compared to the combustible products of tobacco. But still, we can see many diseases and deaths are occurring due to this Juul that becomes a significant catch. But, research has shown that this improves the livelihood among young people who are using the smoking cigarette.

Many of the reports by the famous universities and health centers reporting using this e-cigarette at a young age lead the people to consume smoking cigarettes within eighteen months of this habit. Others publish the same kind of report they are,

  • National Academies of Science
  • Engineering and Medicine
  • Public Health Consequences of e-cigarettes

Along with that, these reports with the evidence that e-cigarette decreases the lifespan as smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine content in Juul:

  • If you have the question that Juul does have the nicotine content in it. Then you get the answer, yes.
  • Juul’s single-cartridge is approximately equal to the packet of cigarettes or about 200 strong puffs of smoke.
  • It is according to the product you buy, and you can see it in the product details.
  • In the aerosol vapour, Nicotine, volatile organic compounds, silicate particles, and even heavy metals have been found, by inhaling these substances they have lodged in the lungs, and it causes more harm to the body.
  • Many side effects have been experienced through this Juul. And all are of ling termed impacts on brain development.

The report which came out according to University called Michigan monitoring the future study by the year 2017 they confessed that many of the youth are not aware of that e-cigarette they are assuming that the intake of e-cigarette is just the flavour and not the nicotine. By all these reports and studies, we can clearly understand that e-cigarettes are entirely harmful to the adults and majorly to the young people. So avoiding this is the best to health.