What are the bitcoins and VPS?

In recent days, a lot talk around the bitcoins and Buy VPS with bitcoin, right? Yes, they are debatable topics nowadays. They are hot in the city or around the world. Do you know what is the basic thing for these? Then the answer is very simple and that is money. Yes, money is ultimate. It makes you wealth and at the same time, it makes your poor also. Money has the power that is it makes rich people and beggars at the same place and same time. This is the power of money. Yes, money also a member of life circles too. Once you are rich and always you aren’t rich. Around the world, every person is using money, right? This world has around two hundred countries. Every country has it’s currency. For example, in India, we are using rupees and at the same time another side of the world the United States of America, they are using dollars. Yes, every country is a different currency. And every currency has different values. These values are like oscillators. Sometimes, it goes up, and sometimes it goes down. For example, today one dollar is equal to seventy rupees but this not stable value. These values are also facing ups and downs. But some people want a stable value and some people want standard value. They think hard and come with Bitcoins. Yes, maybe they are our future. By the way, Bitcoins are cryptocurrencies. And VPS is nothing but a virtual private server. In which place can buy and sell bitcoins and that place called VPS.

What are the bitcoins and blockchain?

I already stat that bitcoins are cryptocurrencies and they are computer files. They also offer a digital wallet app for storing these files in computers or smartphones. You can send or sell bitcoins and you can use bitcoins as payments. Yes, you can pay bitcoins as payments. A few years back, a famous hacker gave notice that I accept payments only in bitcoins. Then only bitcoins become a debatable topic. Some people using bitcoins for black money into white money. But these are out of topic, right? Then let’s back to the topic. These all transactions noted in a public list called a blockchain. Imagine that I gave you one computer with installed software like blockchain. And you run software to make a transaction or monitoring the transaction and these monitoring recorded in the system. And the number of blocks makes a giant block. And these blocks are connected by chains. I mean these blocks linked chains. And every block linked with previous blocks. It is hard to hack the blockchains. Because they are uncountable. So, hacking is not possible with this technique. They created 21 million bitcoins during a lifetime. And they created 12 bitcoins per block and per day.

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How do we get this?

According to the source, they give complicated mathematics problems. If you solve this problem, then you will get a bitcoin. It is not a simple problem. It is a complicated algorithm. They want many CPUs to solve these problems. Overall, the important thing is this cryptocurrency is decentralized. So buy VPS with BTC is a safe one whatever you think.