The 7 Most Common Black Hat SEO Techniques

There are ethical and legal ways to boost the rating of a website, but there are also unethical tactics. Good (White Hat) strategies are difficult to implement, but they are beneficial to the website in the long haul, whereas poor (Black Hat) techniques may appear simple to implement and enhance the website’s ranking temporarily, but they are not beneficial in the long run. If you searching for  “where to get backlinks ” visit

The following are some examples of black hat SEO techniques:

Stuffing Keywords

Keyword repetitions is a frequent ‘black hat SEO’ method in which the same word is used several times to boost its SEO. It will inevitably ruin the website, resulting in a negative user experience.


for the same kind of search, it involves providing one material to the user and separate content to the web browser.

For instance, imagine creating a website for the sale of suspense books and including some unrelated facts from suspense films as just a Meta description.

Backlinks to irrelevant URLs

Another frequent strategy is to use unrelated URLs as backlinks. Some URLs are utilized in this strategy to redirect the visitor to some other unrelated websites. These tactics are mainly utilized on high-domain-authority websites.

For instance, quotas, automobile vales, and so forth.

Spam Remark

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Commenting on a blog with links in order to obtain a follow backlink is another form of the ‘black hat’ approach for increasing site authority. For the new customer, it generates spam.

Duplicate Information

One of the most prevalent ‘black hat’ approaches is content duplication. In summary, copying and pasting text from one source onto your own is unethical. To provide a pleasurable user experience, each piece of content should be distinctive. If Google returns the same text for various terms, it’s likely that it was plagiarized from somewhere else.

Spinning Articles

Article spun is a writing method that uses existing information to produce what appears to be fresh content. It works by substituting any number of other versions for certain words, phrases, sentences, or even full paragraphs to create a slightly different variety that does not appear to be duplicated. It is one of the Black Hat SEO methods. It’s not dissimilar to copying content. It necessitates the use of specialized software that changes the appearance of the content.

Vii. Redirecting a person from a landing page to another website is a “black hat” approach. Hackers created these pages specifically to generate spam.

Texts or Links that Aren’t Visible

A computer text that is displayed in such a way that it is either invisible or unintelligible is called hidden text. Setting the font color to the same as the backdrop makes the text invisible until the user highlights it.


It is now evident that utilizing Black Hat SEO strategies to improve a website’s ranking is a bad and unethical practice that should not be used. If a search engine, such as Google’s webmaster, identifies any “black hat tactic,” it can punish a website by lowering its ranking or even robbing its domain authority.