Symptoms of Bipolar Depression

This article provides relevant information about various common symptoms of Bipolar depression

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Typically, bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is characterized by depression periods transformed with mania and hypomania. It also includes symptoms such as inability to sleep and Continuously talking. In a research study, it has been found that a person suffering from bipolar depression disorder experiences numerous significant changes in his  body as well as behavior. As a result, sadness and dysthymia both are considered as one of the common manifestations of depression disorder.

If you experience the harmful symptoms of depression, then you can consult with a professional psychiatrist as he provides you the best possible treatment.

6 Untold Symptoms of Bipolar depression:

  • Irritability

This is the foremost symptom of bipolar depression in which an individual gets in touch with various stressors that can cause a person’s mood to turn into an aggressive one. A person also experience a bad headache and an unexpected bill. Moreover, Garden variety irritability can also be a major sign of bipolar depression disorder. Along with that, depression also arises persistent irritability that adversely affects the patient’s body and stays for days or weeks. If a small or minor interruption turns or explodes into a massive one for no valid reason in the case, depression also occurs and makes a human sick & unhappy.

  • Anger

It is also a symptom of bipolar depression. Anger is a natural or a reasonable response to those situations or things that we often tackle with in our daily routine life. In addition to this, anger arises when a person is not satisfied with his/her work in the office. It can be occured due to any reason. Although, it is viewed as an Irritability that has been crossed a limit. Researchers proved that anger is also  viewed as a symptom of depression in which a person may become angry due to the absence of an external trigger or a situation that produces a mild irritation. It has been shown that several people may become angry for no reason. A person also irritates himself.

  • Worry & Anxiety

Along with anger, there are various conditions or situations in which an individual feels more worried naturally under any circumstance. If you make proper attention towards these emotions, they can be resolved. If not, it may lead to a serious mental illness. Worry that is out of control can be considered as a major symptom of bipolar depression.

A recent study revealed that people suffering from depression or anxiety may worry more regarding their common problems or issues. There is no doubt that bipolar depression makes humans sick and frustrated as they are unable to perform every task effectively. Some individuals with bipolar depression also experience generalized anxiety. It is a common root cause of hypomanic or manic episodes.

  • Self criticism

Every human is not perfect and all have flaws. People or friends you know also have their own old habits or unhelpful thinking pattern that adversely affect their overall ability of developing healthy relationships or succeed in their life or career. When you see an area where you need to work hard and even in a cruel manner it means you are so depressed. It has been found that it is not common for those people who have depression, anxiety and  some other mental disorder.