Security cameras and it’s important in the society

Are two eyes enough in the modern world? No, it’s not enough. We need the third eye. Nowadays security cameras are worked for the third eye. Like actor kamal, Hassan said that “won’t run and won’t hide because I am watching you” in the big boss show. Yes, security cameras watching us everywhere and anytime.

What is a security camera?

Generally, security cameras are known for CCTV cameras. The closed-circuit system is an abbreviation for CCTV. CCTV helps to catch our videos and audios, then transmit into the closed monitor.

security cameras

Why security systems are important?

Protection- yes, security systems give us legal protection. If I am not at home and I have no watchmen. How I protected my home from theft? Think about the camera as watchmen. We can watch our home through our watchmen from anywhere and anytime. It reduces manpower and improves accuracy. Why do I need to worry, when I had CCTV?

Work watch– if you are a manager in your office and you had ten employers under yourself. Is it possible to watch ten members at the same time? Yes possible by our security cameras. Yes CCTV catches all the actions from anywhere.

Pros and cons:

You can catch anywhere and anytime but it has some limited distance. You can’t cover all over the area but you can cover the maximum area. Some people thought these cameras are uncomfortable because they thought that these are against privacies.

How they are catching these?                                  

Some basic parts need to alive in our third eyes. And they are cameras, monitors, DVR, CCTV cables, and some internet (the basis of what we need).


Cameras help to catch our images (video, audio)

Basic types according to need:

  • Indoor cameras
  • Outdoor cameras


DVR is known for its digital video recording. It helps in recording our video.


First, we catch image and recording video, and then the only monitor comes into the play. Without monitor how can we see the videos? Yes, the monitor helps us to see the videos. Computer and mobile phones are the basic monitor material.

CCTV cables:

Without cable wires how can we connect these cameras, DVR and monitors? Yes, these cable wires help to connect every CCTV part. BCN cables are the best example of CCTV cables.

Some internet:

If we are in-home, we will see videos through the system monitor. In case if we aren’t at home, it is impossible to see through the system monitor. Then only mobile phones are coming into the play. We will see the videos through mobile phones if we are outside too with some internet.

Types of cameras:

There are some important types of security cameras. And they are doom cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ cameras.

Doom camera:

  • It had cat5/6 power cable
  • It specialized in deceptive viewing angle
  • It especially made for indoors. We can use outdoors but especially for indoors

Bullet camera:

  • It had cat5/6 power cable
  • It is smaller and easy to hide.
  • It especially made for outdoors. It is both useful but because of its shape, we can use it for outdoors

PTZ cameras:

  • It had cat5/6 power cable
  • It preferred for outdoor and higher locations