Risks in cleaning in removing stains on the carpet.

It is also the washing of rug clothes with the use of bleaching powder or the suitable detergent powder. The way of cleaning is those people who were best in the professional antique Persian rug cleaning  are the persons well versed in it. In this, there are steps involved in washing the rug clothes thus they are:

  1. First, they have to put the cloth in the bucket and they have to pour water and make it wet for some minutes with suitable detergent powder.
  2. Then they have to apply the bleaching powder in the stains and they have rug it well for the removal of stains.
  3. They should not use the brush or any other materials for the removal of stains instead of this they have to use scrubber which is softer.
  4. The important thing is that they have to do this unless the stains were bleach for a few minutes or until stains remove.

Bleach is used to remove a stain in carpet:

professional antique Persian rug cleaning

Bleach is used to remove the stain because bleach has the components of the cleaning agent. When it is used for removing the stains it was clean the stain and after cleaning it there are no more stains were available and the carpet looks like a new. The important thing is that a carpet must be in white or snowy white or in black color because when they bleach to remove the stain it also removes the color of the cloth so they have to be more careful cleaning the carpet using the bleach.

Old carpet will act as the spreading of some infecting agents:

  1. While we are using the old carpet, it will spread some infection which causes the aged people or a person make affect their health and leads to health diseases.
  2. Without proper cleaning of the carpet, it may lead to some type of fungal infection.
  3. They cause the disease or it spreads the infection such as allergy, asthma (a problem which happens in the respiratory system) or it causes the fungal infection.
  4. So, keeping the old carpet is very dangerous for the aged people and the children because they have low immunity power, so they were getting infected easily.
  5. So, they have to handover the old carpet and or give it to the best cleansing agent in that area to wash it properly and make it like a new carpet.
  6. Instead of using the old carpet, they buy a new carpet or they have to give it for the regular cleaning or they have to wash it once a person using it.
  7. Carpet must not be used when a person used it once and they should not buy it for a second-hand because carpet used by a person if the person does have any allergy or fungal infection will also spread to the other person who used it currently. So, they have to but a carpet in high quality and high price.

So, these are some important points should owners have to keep in their mind for the sake of good health and preventing them from spreading of infections. So, these are the rug and spot cleaning of the stains on the carpet.