Kratom is found in southeast Asia and has been taken by people to boost their energy and treat pain. It is a herbal supplement that is easily available in the region. There has been some information about these natural supplements that affect sleep.

How can Kratom Affect sleep?

There are many supplements that can affect our sleep and just like them, kratom’s impact on sleep is also very complicated and controversial. It is believed that Kratom has the ability to help people with sleep disorders which are known to be due to its relaxing effects. Due to this, it is said that it can also help with the problem of sleeplessness.

Kratom is not that well-studied substance but some of the pieces of research are showing that it can have side effects like sleep problems, which may include problems falling asleep, staying asleep, and feeling rested after sleep. There is no strong study on how it happens but some researchers say that this can be due to the stimulant-like effects of kratom.

Kratom withdrawal and sleep

Sleeplessness is one of the symptoms of kratom withdrawal. There are not many studies that are related to its withdrawal but we know that one recent case study found that people who are dependent on Kratom experienced sleep problems after the withdrawal process. However, these problems were not as serious as it is with the dependence on other substances. Some of the other withdrawal symptoms include nervousness, agitation, shaking, muscle pain, depression, and abdominal pain.

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How does it work?

Kratom comes from the family of coffee trees. It has mitragynine (MG) and also 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG) that are alkaloid compounds. As we told you that not much study has been done on this matter and the mechanism has not been understood properly. but it’s believed these compounds attach to proteins called opioid receptors to lessen pain perception.

There is actually a complete whole history attached to this substance. If you are interested in knowing about this one then you have to explore the internet and read more. We are sure you will have a lot of information online about this substance as people have a lot of things to tell about it.