Digital Marketing Knocking At the Door

Google is like a good business partner. It will actively recommend your business and send a customer to your website if your customers show satisfaction. That is why the user experience of a website is important. From the ppc expert you can have smart decisions.

Importance of search engine optimization

As a result of search engine optimization, the top ranking in search results is most often desired. But ranking a homepage on Google is not worth the effort in itself. Why?

The quality of your search engine ranking

Total time as a single factor in search engine optimization is the CTR of a search result. This key figure is familiar to anyone who has done online advertising (AdWords, Display) and is now also being talked about in search engine optimization.

In short, Google appreciates a good clickthrough rate: The more times a user clicks on your link after seeing it in the search results, the higher the clickthrough rate for your web page’s search result.

When looking at business tips: What’s the difference in top ranking in search results if nobody clicks on it?

Both Google and you are aiming for a customer to land on your site.

Possible reasons why customers don’t click your link in search results:

You have chosen the wrong keywords for optimization. Your customers are not searching for terms as you imagined, and your search results aren’t being displayed to the right target audience.

Your search result is uninteresting. The title and meta description are unattractive and do not tell the customer what is behind the link.

User Experience

In addition to CTR, there are other user experience metrics that Google monitors and values. What happens after a user clicks on a link in search results and lands on a business website? Those familiar with Google Analytics will be familiar with the following terms; bounce rate, time spent on pages, and the number of pages viewed. All of these measures the user experience, that is, how useful and engaging a website visitor is to the content of the pages. So Google is interested in whether or not customers are happy with the search results they find.

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Bounce Rate: If a user returns immediately from a webpage to search results, it is a message of poor page quality and a negative signal to Google.

Time spent on pages and the number of pages browsed: From the point of view of search engine optimization, it is important for the visitor to stay on the website as long as possible. In addition to interesting textual content (blogs, user guides, references), videos, internal links and interaction (chat or commenting on the blog) can be used here.

You can observe the user experience indicators e.g. Google Analytics for your web pages. For example, if you find that the bounce rate is high on a particular page, you should think about why visitors find the content uninteresting.

What is the visitor looking for and what kind of content do they hope to find?

The idea behind the finesse of digital advertising often stems from the fact that the desired marketing message can be targeted at the right place and time for the target audience that they want to reach. Isn’t that easy? You might think so, but online competition for people’s attention is constantly increasing and the amount of poorly targeted advertising is increasing. What to do?